There are plenty of small businesses that still think that website is an expense, and they still want to rely on word of mouth and old school marketing strategies. Well traditional marketing strategies still does work but the world has shifted from traditional to digital. On daily basis, people spend majority of their time on their phones or online.

Most small business owners still think that website is a luxury item which would probably be correct 5-10 years back but not at this age. Websites are undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing mediums. Think of it this way; What do you do when you urgently are in need of plumbing or electrical services at home? Yellow Pages? May be, but would you have time to go over each page finding the correct guy not knowing their work history? Yeah, maybe you would call a friend to inquire but chances are even they’re not aware of any. That’s where you would turn to google and look up for electricians and plumbers near you and then visit their website to exactly see what skills they have, where they’re located and what other customers think of them. You can even see the projects they’ve worked on and if they’re available at this point in time.

Remember, if you’re not there in google listing and have no website, chances are that customers would think you’re not a legit business and your competitor with a nice website will take your share of the pie.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why small business needs a website today:

  1. Your website helps build Credibility for your business. It’s usually the first point where a customer goes to for information, when they hear of a new business. It is also a meeting point for all your marketing efforts.
  2. Your competitor is out there with a website. This is one of the major reasons you need a website. You wouldn’t want your share of the market to go to your competitor.
  3. An easy way to keep your customers up to date with your new products and offerings. Unlike traditional ways of brochure and tele – marketing, website is a great way to introduce and make people aware of your launch and offers.
  4. You can reduce your on-site call and visit load. Imagine if your business has an online booking system; It greatly reduces the call load and you can focus on doing other productive tasks.
  5. Looking at testimonials and your projects can land you new customers and business. Just by looking at your portfolio can give customers confidence to do business with you.
  6. It is now very easy and affordable to have a website. Unlike, the old days, where technology was new and it used to cost an arm and a leg, you can just get online presence for as low at $499.
  7. One of the biggest benefits of having a website is that you Get listed on Search Engines like google and bing. These engines greatly help you get new customers who are constantly searching and require help.
  8. Sell Online! Most of the business are completely shifting from brick and mortar to online. Research shows that online shopping has significantly increased in recent years.
  9. Using analytics, you can get insights on your customer behaviour
  10. You can greatly improve your customer service. Having a customer complaint form or a chat feature where a customer can directly ask questions and concerns can significantly increase your chances of attracting that customer.

I’m sure, the above reasons are good enough to make you consider having a website. You would surely want to have an online presence where you can have an edge over your other competitors. Let us help you get online with an affordable website. Click to get help